Zine Thing

deadramones V made it into Thrasher's Zine Thing, which is rad. I'm siked on the positive review and I hope that mail forwarding thing works, they put my old address!

If you can't read that text:
At this point in real life we're only on volume three of dead Ramones (RIP guys), but this is the fifth of this 'zine. It's a champ, and there's way too much stuff in here to tell you everything, but it's got tons of skating, some local heroes, bands, tope fives and bottom fives lists, and all sorts of other shit (including an anti-soy rant, so I suppose there's something in there for everyone). What sets this one apart is the do-or-die attitude coupled with tight layouts and great writing. He'd prefer a trade so if you got a 'zine send one, or else two bucks to: ..."

Pretty sure everyone reading this has deadramones V, but if you don't my email is deadramoneszine at gmail dot com. I'll hook you up.